Fine art 2012 new products enjoy high evaluation from the expert panels

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On Feb 27, 2012, being entrusted by Guangzhou Chaiyi Light co.,Ltd, Shanghai theater academy teachers Jin Changlie, Liu Dean, Chen Guoyi, Yao Hanchun and navy political dance and song troupe teacher Liu Wenhao had evaluated and appraised Fine art’s 2012 new launched products.



As far as I know, the new products participated in the evaluation are our company independently researched and developed 9 fixtures in 2012 such s the 1500w spot moving head light (Fine II-1500 SPOT HPE), 1500W imaging moving head light (Fine ii-1500 PERF), 1500W BEAM moving head light (Fine II-1500 BEAM), 700W BEAM moving head light (Fine I-700 BEAM),280w BEAM moving head light (Xtreme-280), 230W BEAM moving head light (Fine Xtreme-230), 2000w xenon follow spot (Fine 2000XF), large light console (TEKMAND III) and console distribution processing unit (DPU)



Through the products display and function demonstration, and thorough communication with our research and development personnel, all the experts agreed the following matters after one day careful evaluation: the appearance for the new products of moving head lights is novel, the internal technics is concise and beautiful, the modular assembly structure is easy to operate. In terms of function, it is fast and steady, good position repeatability, the color transformation and dimmer is smooth, the operating interface is intuitive and convenient to operate, the zoon range is large and the spot is in high resolution, color and color temperature are uniformed, and the beam light is sharpy. The appearance of the light console is novel and unique, which owns independent intellectual property rights (have 4 invention patents) filling the domestic blank of the similar product. After the practical application, hope this console will be further perfect and then put into production.





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