Fine art launched new products again in 21st Beijing Palm Expo

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From May 24-27, 2012, Fine art attended the 21st China international exhibition for professional audio, lighting, musical instrument and technology. As the national brand who can compare with the international brand in the field of stage lighting, Fine art was obtained much attention every year. This time, Fine art stunning appeared in this 21St Beijing Palm expo with independently researched and developed light console TEKMAND, Fine Xtreme series, Fine II-1500 series, Fine 2000XF follow spot and many LED series fixtures, which received good feedback from the experts and the customers.  



Fine art is in new exhibition hall W1C03 which is full of creativity, there is no redundant design. Half surrounded hall is mainly based on the white tone which is more fashion, contracted and generous. Adorned with crystal hanging curtain, it can reflect the light effect well, what is more, the transparent bead curtain shines well under the reflecting of the light. The hall is divided into 2 sections, one section is the exhibit area and the other section is the negotiation area. The exhibit area displayed all kinds of product which including digital lights and consoles, facing the entrance of the exhibit hall, the customers can see our products at a glance. There is a bar in the negotiation area from where the customers can pick up drinks and snacks according to their needs. 



During this exhibition, Fine art displayed many products, one of the main products is independently researched and developed light console TEKMAND which is researched and developed with the aim to create high quality products. It can control all kinds of light equipment, such as the normal lights, moving head lights, LED lights and digital lights etc. Light console has high stability, safe and reliable with the top equipped technology and industrial grade of hardware equipment which makes it can be used in all kinds of occasions. Xtreme-330 is also the new products launched in 2012, small and lightweight body, but it have high brightness projection, move fast, noiseless, low consumption, has outstanding performance on the aspect of energy saving which is suitable for all kinds of big and small performance.  340/380 are perfect, high efficiency and the color is rich and exquisitely used LED lights, which can produce more widely used and colorful white spectrum and more accurate and vivid colors. It can be completely choose the color and color temperature as your demand which enjoyed high evaluation from many expects and customers.



The brief and fashion exhibition hall design and the superior product quality attracted a large number of experts and customers stopped to watch. The leading person of stage light field Jin Changlie, Gong Yi and other famous people also visited our booth. Each experts communicated with general manger Liu Jianhua kindly, mastered Fine art products seriously, watched the demonstration effect of all kinds of lights, nodded from time to time, expressed their positive attitude and congratulations to Fine art independently researched and developed products.   





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