Fine art fixtures were used in “Yan’an song”, which makes perfect visual effect

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On May 1st, large scenario music was solemnly hold in Yan’an auditorium,  which vividly reappeared the revolutionary history of the communist party of China in Yan’an which was truly interpreted the “Yan’an spirit” with the artistic charm. “Yan’an song” had a grand scenes and novel form, the 3D visual space display of the choreography had three-dimensional concept. More than 80 Fine 2000 series lights made perfect visual effect, comprehensively upgraded the shock strengthen and infection.      



Large scenario music “Yan’an song” was originally used as the works for the 90 anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China in 2011, after reorganization, it had been vigorously launched as the performance of red tourism. Mixed chorus “Yan’an song” had gone back to 70 years ago, vividly expressed Yan’an people’s desire to liberate at that time.



All drama took the vivid pictures as the time and space base, which comprehensively and vividly embodied the profound meaning and powerful strength of “Yan’an spirit”. As is reported, the new layout “Yan’an song” will be performed on May 1st, planning to perform 180 times all the year around.    






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