Witness “Changsha Adult Ceremony”, Fine art salute to Youth

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On May 6th, created by Hunan TV, Tianyu Entertainment Media and China Youth Daily, “ Choice of 18—2012 adult ritual ceremony”was opened the prelude in Hunan TV, which gave an enlightenment cultural feast for the 18 years old youth. More than 100 Fine art Fine 2500 series lights sparkled on the site, witnessed the growth, passion and dream of 18 years old.



Apart from the guest of 2PM, Wei Chen, Chen Xiang, Yang Lan, and Han Han, young talents chosen from universities across the country also meet in Changsha during this feast. The inner monologue of these youth spokesmen reflected their firmness towards life, the self-confidence towards youth which is the original intention of Adult Ritual, learning to independent, experience life and change lives. The presider He Jiong and Su Xiong also shared their youth story of 18 years old, talking freely about their dreams and choice during the young ages.






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