Fine art won the 2011 annual famous brand strategy award in Baiyun district

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On May 4th, in order to cite the advanced enterprise who made outstanding contribution for the economic development, the communist part of China, Guangzhou Baiyun district and Guangzhou Baiyun government hold the 2011 annual economic recognition meeting, relying on the outstanding performance and achievements, Fine art won the 2011 annual famous brand strategy award



The meeting was presided over by deputy warden of Baiyun District Committee Zhong Xiangdong, deputy Wu Jinming read the recognition decision. In order to commend the advance, set up the typical, Baiyun district committee, district government awarded the advanced units to 15 companies who finished the task of tax revenue, 16 units including Guangzhou Wanda Square investing limited companies the outstand contribution for tax award, 48 units including Guangzhou Fuli Property limited co., LTD large taxpayer award, 25 units including Fine art advanced company of famous brand strategy award. After the award, the representative of the awarded companies delivered their acceptance speech in turn. District committee deputy clerk, warden Ma Wentian and district clerk, district people’s congress standing committee director Luo Weifeng delivered a speech respectively.    

As is reported, this commendation congress took the theme of “ commend the advanced, develop economy”, when commend the advanced, the district government also hope all the companies take them as example, solidarity to optimize the environment of economic development, try our best to improve the quality and efficiency, promote economic development, social harmony and people’s happiness, strive for the development of Baiyun new glory. 





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