Fine art fixtures display in Hubei TV, universal carnival night adds more dynamic feeling

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On Jan 1st, Hubei TV broadcast of “I love my motherland, Hubei TV universal carnival of 2013 new year”, singers Zhang Zhenyue, elva Hsiao, Yu Chengqin and JiKejuanyi etc. hold a wonderful competition with musician Vitas, Wonder Girls, Loreen etc. who come from all over the world. More than 100pcs Fine 2500 appeared in this party, the gorgeous light and dynamic fashionable colors ensure the successful of the party. 


As a new year live music fest in the name of “Revel”, all the singer who took part in Hubei TV” New year universal carnival night” had chosen dynamic song and dances as their performance. The first performance singer is Elva Hsiao who appeared with black model, singing two hot love song “Love’s Theme Song” and “Profession” through which to convey enthusiasm and love to the entire audience. Popular sinder Yu Chengqin also brought his vigor to the scene, during the PK part with Sweden musician Robert, he song the classical songs such as “the enthusiasm of the desert” and “ode to joy”etc. which made the live atmosphere tipping over and over again. Zhang Zhenyue excited the whole audience with his new band “free”. Under the carnival performance, Dunkou stadium had been converted into an enthusiastic live scene which likes Brazil Carnival


The New Year concert in the name of “carnival” played international card, one of the most notable scene is the competition between Loreen and Jikejuanyi, which brings a lot of scramming at the scene. Korea’s women team Wonder Girls, Russian singer Vitas, Swedish women combination Vocalettes, British rock old cannons Glenn Hughes sing a song in succession, burning up the enthusiasm of all the audiences.


The most attractive thing is that the Swedish rock piano mater Robert Wells adapted one of the annual divine comedy “the most gorgeous national wind”, filled in the English lyrics and sang. Another Swedish singer Bosson covered Zero Band’s “Love me or not” unexpected, what is more over, United stage singer La Gaylia song Zhang Huimei’s dynamic song “standing on the goldkorn” who enjoys the similar style with her. All kinds of creative adaptation won enthusiasm response from the audience. 







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