Young and Active 2012-2013 Happy China Hunan TV New Year

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Activity name: Young and Active 2012-2013 Happy China Hunan TV New Year Carnival Night

Activity date: Dec 31st, 2012


In the 2013 New Year Night, Hunan TV also played the emotional card, the top three in 2005 Super Girl appeared in turn, letting us recall the time “that Summer”. Zhang liangyin took the lead in appearance with 4 songs, the runner-up Zhou Bichang secondly appeared with a resounding “apologize”, the last appeared singer is Li Yuchun with alternative sootiness makeup which brought repeated cramming from the fans. In addition, the rearranged lord team imitated Luo dayou, Zhang Zhenyue, Zhou Huajian, Fei Xiang, Han Hong and other big-name singer, they are “genuine” not only in the appearance but also in the voice, but what shocked the audience is that, the copy “Zhang Bozhi” and “Xie Tingfeng” appeared in this section, singing the song“Fly Me to Polaris” and “Thanks for your love 1999” respectively.


There is nothing more impressive section than Yu Haoming took off the veil and return to the stage. He Jiong announced with watery eyes “ for many peoples, New Year’s Concert is just the cross from 2012 to 2013, but for Yu Haoming, it is nirvana reborn as long as eight hundred days”. He sang the song slowly “Actually I am ok”, this shy big bog stood alone in the middle of the stage, opened the arms to embrace the stage, the stage was filled with applause immediately. When to sing “drafted by the story, no qualification to be ignorant, even if there is no audience, I myself should be moved at first”, there are tearful brothers appeared in the screen, especially A Mulong who comebacks this year had the same feelings, sobbing too much to speak.  


The king Andy Liu appeared before 12:00pm, the whole audience shouted “I love you” to greet Andy who is excited by this condition and ran all over the scene. Andy also cried on the stage “ I have not performed on the stage for a very long time, very enjoyable”. Before sang the song “Love you forever”, he said “Taking this chance of performance, i have little time to say I love you forever”. During the singing, Andy also lead the audience to say “I love you” to mother and father which is very warmth.   


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