2013 Jiangsu TV New Year’s concert

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Activity name: 2013 Jiangsu TV New Year’s concert

Activity time: Dec 31st, 2012


This year, the star who come to Jiangsu TV covered all reange: Luo Zhixiang, Lin Junjie and Lin Yujia consists the popular idol group, Mo Wenwei, Lin Yilian, and Elva Hsiao brought the showdown between queens, and Huang Xiaohu, Xiao Huangqi took the affectionate way, bringing sweet love songs. There is no more surprise than “song god” Jacky Cheung participated in this party. This singer king always accompanies his family during the new year, it is the first time to participate the mainland across year. Jack Cheung will debut as the last singer, singing nearly half an hour, apart from the special version of the classical songs, he also sang the film theme song “ Set the strom” of movie “Big Shanghai”. When sang “ China beat shock the world”, Olypic champion Sun Yang was leading other 5 athlets Wu Jingjue, Luo Xiaojuan, Huang Xu and Zhongman to accompliment for the “song god” with drums, the party was full of Olympic atmosphere immediately.    


In addition, as the first year to spend new year in Mainland, Zhou Jielun thought hard in order to bring a remarkable performance to the audience. He not only sang the song in the new album “the world of mortals inn”, but also changed “the end of the world” into “ the world has no end” considering Ying Jing. Then Chou said, “ i would like to play a wonderful games with you which is taught by Langlang, that is to say, play piano with fruits, I will use apply rather than orange of him”.Immediately, there was an apple rolling around on the keys, Chuo performanced the original music of movie “ Can not say secret” accurately. When Chou through out the glove, apply and nunchakus to the fans, the audience were close to crazy in order to rob Chou’s new year’s gift.


Act as long as 20 minutes, Wang Lihong concentrated the performance into a concert essence version, mixing fast and slow song which is refreshing. Mo Wenwei is voluptuously acted the classic song “cloudy”, she lazily lie in the middle of the stage, showing a pair of beautiful leg. The sing and dance star, Luo Zhixiang and Elva Hsiao, apart from singing their own masterpiece “the love angle” and “ Super Girl Love Bold”, they also sing a song “WOW” together, which bring heating atmosphere to the live scene.


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