Shenzhen TV New Year’s night

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Party name: Shenzhen TV New Year’s night

Activity date: Dec 31st, 2012


Shenzhen TV New Year’s party was opened during the last day of 2012. As a New Year’s feast with youth theme, Shenzhen TV invited a number of HK and TW first-line stars as well as from mainland. The programme content included a variety of different style, reconciling the different tastes of all kinds of audience. In the party, rock “godfather” Cui Jian from mainland, and other Chinese rock representative Wang Feng, they combined the individualized rock and agitated pop music. Of course, the mainstay for the passionate are still the youth.  


Youth idol Pan Weibo emitted the most passion on the stage, who became the most resounding youth declaration of the generation after 80s, the “Super Girl” Yu Kewei not only displayed her excellent performance on singing, but also showed the unique wild and arrogant of the youth with a hot dance. In addition, there are many group of popular lovers brought the traditional youth theatre to the party.    


Youth is not only the love and passion, motivation is also the most important components of youth. There is a youth leader’s lecture after the pop song in Shenzhen TV New Year’s party, which brought many inspiring for the young people who are looking for positive energy for their life. Fan Bingbing explained her career ups and downs during her act life, Xie Tingfeng also reflected his youth desire during the lecture which bring more enlightenment for the motivational youth.     


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