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Decorating, say farewell to the last year and greet new year


On Feb 2nd, Fine art hold the spring festival party in studio, with all the employees, leaders and guests gathering together to enjoy the peaceful and wonderful time. During the time to say farewell to the past year and greet the new year, all the people greet new year with hot dance and beautiful song.


Company had been decorated in advance, brimming with New Year festive atmosphere everywhere. In the morning, several buses lines up in the front of the company to send employees to the hotel to enjoy the feast. During the feast, each people toasted and talked with laughts, the section of lucky draw and the immediate performance made the atmosphere more active, each one toasted each other and blessed each other.



In 3:00pm, the studio was crowd with peoples, the party was kicked off in everyone’s expectation. Two hosts were both in high spirit, starting the opening ceremony with smile. Then, with the big round of applause, the chairman Wang Huijun gave a speech on the stage.


During the speech, Chairman express her high appreciation for the hard dedication of the employees made to the company, and sent her best wishes to all. Looking back to 2012, Fine art had introduced Fine Xtreme series moving heads lights and Fine Tekmand light console which enjoy high feedback from the market. From Jack Cheung’s 1/2 century tour concert to all kinds of TV New year’s party, Fine light light had been continuously serve the public. Fine art got lots of love and won many honors. In 2002, Fine art hold the 10th anniversary celebration, old and new friends gathered together which is unforgettable experience in the long journey of Fine art history. Fine art become more mature and strong after 2012.


Then, Chairman of the board looked forwarding to the new year. She said, Fine art would withstand new test, stood in an impregnable position only keeping the faith and exploring continuously.



Share the grand ceremony with dance and song


Fine art employees, gave full play to their wisdom, using their own written and played program of entertainment to successfully finish the party. The first program is song with dance “ Fine art peoples greet you”, which exaggerated the atmosphere very well with its enthusiasm song and exultation dance. Fine art welcomes not only the customers, but also the employees who join in this big group, thanks for their effort, their hard work and their persistent attitude. Within the applause, 16 outstanding staff and 5 outstanding maintenance personnel got the awards in 2 groups. Our chairman of board and general manager issued the certificate and gave encouragement to them.



Ready to go and have far to go


After the party, the “ Love You Forever” won the best creation awards without suspense, and “The Most Gorgeous National Wind” from marketing center won the best popularity awards, which are both deserved. All performers came to take photos together, split of the strips like confetti scattered on people’s smile face.


Laugher ringing in the ear, the responsibility is never forgotten. In 2012, facing the fierce competition in the lighting industry and the severe test of the economic situation, Fine art people united, calmly dealt with the changes. In 2013, Fine art’s responsibility become more heavy, only reach a new level for product innovation and brand management, can we provide better service to our customers, can we make effort for the sound development and progress of Chinese lighting market.  


Enterprise development is like rowing upstream, not to advance is to go back. Only stay awake all the time, constantly alert ourselves, can we welcome the new hope, create better tomorrow. We must be with firm faith, set off on a new journey once again.





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