Fine art participated in CCTV Spring Festival Gala, won praise for its colorful lighting

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2013 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala broadcast on the evening of Feb 9th, Li Yong, Dong Qing and Sa Beining etc. preside the party, many stars such as Zhang Liangyin, Na Ying, S.H.E etc. were invited to attend. More than 150 Fine art fixtures Fine 1500 series were used, the colorful lights, spectacular choreography bring wonderful visual enjoyment for the audience.



As a national important “family reunion dinner”, the CCTV 2013 snake Spring Festival Gala brought innovation and breakthrough, 48 CCTV host sang a song together as the opening, which is novel, the song “a song celebrates new year” opened the prelude of the Spring Festival Gala. 40 programmes bought New year’s eve cultrual dinner for audience as long as 4 and half an hour. Within the 9 language programs, Cao Yunjim’s crosstalk “This matter is not my faulty” and Guo Degang’s crosstalk “balck sheep” bought us not only funny but also profound meaning. Within the song and dance programs, Celine Dion, Yani and other international big shots added a dose of fresh spices to Chinese fest, bringing a foreigner culture.



A famous American performer Ya Ni and Chinese Guzheng performer Chang Jing ensembled playing a song of “ Qin Zheng Offerings”, present the “ East meets west” conversation between western electronic music and folk music Guzheng. The entire ensemble consists of Ya Ni’s masterpiece “Santorini”, “the Nightingale” and Chinese folk orchestra “Golden Snake Dancing”, three songs skillfully interwoven into a jubilant festival melody. The light effect were fully played in the acrobatics “Ice and Fire:, the whole stage adopted blue as the main background, moreover, there is a blue firing ball moving all the time on the LED screen behind the actor, which brought a profound feeling to the person.



In terms of lighting stage, , 2013 party reach a higher level, the stage video used technology of veil screen projection, construction projection and LED stage image to decorate the stage. Combined with the stage characteristics, lighting brightness and hue and music rhythm, adjusted the image details repeated, the main panel of LED background correspond with the side panel image clarity, movement speed, position and performance content of the actors which enjoy high reputation from the audience.






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