Fine art fixtures were used in Hunan TV Preliminary Eve

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After the witness of Hunan TV’s new year carnival wonderful night, Fine art fixtures accompanied the 2013 Hunan TV “happy home” Preliminary Eve which was hold together by Hunan TV and Tianyu entertainment media in Feb 4th. More than 120 Fine art Fine 2500 series, Xtreme-230 were used in the party, the gorgeous lighting, dynamic or mysterious aestheticism, presented a rich audio-visual feast for the audience.



In order to express the concept of “happy home” and “big celebration” of Hunan TV snake Spring Festival, the first generation of sunshine idol in the history of Chinese TV talent show—2007 Happy Boys appeared in the celebration stage, enjoying the festival with all the national audience. In addition, Huang Shengyi deduced the most beautiful white snake, and Gong Linna became the Monkey King playing the golden cudgel.



In addition, with the beautiful melody plus a gorgeous stage, musician Wei Chen performed the loneliness of the universe dust incisively and vividly with a song “ Dust”, once again we saw his unique music charm. Finally Preliminary Eve party was ended with Hunan son-in-law Liu Huan’s song “start again”.  During 4 hours, Lin Dan, Li Yuchun, Gong Linna, Liang Jingru, Phoenix Legend, Cui Jian, Wang Zulan, and Jia Lin etc. had given performance in turns, which brought a bumper “family reunion dinner” for the audience in advance.






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