Fine Art Contributes at 2010 Asian Games Opening Ceremony

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At 8 pm, Nov 12th, 2010, a spectacular event was held along the Pearl River in Guangzhou, that is, 2010 Asian Games Opening Ceremony. Athletes of 45 countries and regional places from Asia attended the marvelous Games where Fine Art was present with over 300 fixtures.


At the beginning, the fireworks embracing the 600-meter high Guangzhou Tower were lit, creating a grand view of numerous little stars in the sky. Four giant LED screen embodying new image of Asia were hanged up in the air and utilized as a shining background for the following performance.


The amount of fixtures adopted at the Opening Ceremony over passed that of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo, among of which, 330 units from Fine Art mainly were distributed along the Pearl River as viewing lights. These lights include Fine 2400 Wash, Fine 2500 Wash and Fine 7000SL.


“Light and sound is the soul of the stage. The stage  won’t be vital without light and sound. Under the help of computer lights, this opening ceremony is full of life and vitality.” Says Mr. Sha Xiao Lan, the lighting designer of the show.


   “The biggest feature of this opening ceremony is the perfect combination of the performing lights and city viewing lights. The lights at both sides of Pearl River contributed a lot to this amazing show as they played a key role especially in the Motor Cycling Performance.” adds Mr. Sha Xiao Lan. There is no doubt that Fine Art’s fixtures provide perfect support to this performance.






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