FINEART Recurs to the Glory of 2010 Asian Games’ Opening Ceremony

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Haixinsha, Guangzhou, where the 2010 Asian Games was held, made a great impression on people. With open style stage and brand-new idea basing on the theme of water, it makes the opening ceremony of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games become a classic which is impressed in the history of the world sport platform. What impressed the lighting industry professional during this Game were FINEART stage light fixtures and their classic performance in the ceremony.



During the Labor Day, to remember the classic, a splendid and passionate performance about 2010 Asian Games was held again in this sport center. For the whole performance, FINEART dedicated more than 800 units of fixtures to this show. Fixture models included FINE 1500 Spot, FINE 2500 Wash, FINE 2500 Beam, FINE 2500 Spot, and FINE 2400 Wash.


On April 29th, 2011, it was the first show for this classic replay. 《Grand replay for the classic of the Asian Games》was directed and performed by the original crew who played the show for the opening ceremony of the Games. Fountain array, water stage, and voluminous drizzle, made the whole island wreathed in romantic atmosphere. The remarkable “Sail of the cloud” was shown in the evening by about 1200 players.


Away from the ground 80 meters in air, 180 young players (17 to 18 years of age) were suspended by steel thread and rose, climbed, rolled and jumped like spider men in front of the LED Walls forming the patterns of flowers, eagles and smiling faces, etc. This was one of the most attractive programs – “Sail of the cloud” shown in the ceremony.



This replay was basically consistent with the show held in the opening ceremony, which was divided into four chapters including “water of the land”, “boat of the sea”, “Sail of the cloud” and “invitation to the flower city”. For section of “water of the land”, the players dressed in Kapok petals composed various patterns. The Kapok is the flower symbol of Guangzhou City. The kids who held lanterns celebrated in the blossoming Kapok. Water gestated the unique Lingnan culture and the Guangzhou people inhabit chasing the water. “Boat of the sea” was vigorous and majestic which was made by world top class stage master Mr. Mark and China stage master Miao pei-ru. The “boat” can rotate 360°horizontally and vertically. 45 acrobats and players who acted as “sailors” were led ahead to the sea by the captain fighting in the high wave. When it came to “Sail of the cloud” chapter, the singer went to the stage and sang with accompaniment of the Pianist. Water ballet players danced elegantly in the water attending by the music and showed diversified beautiful flower patterns. “Invitation of the flower city” began with the drumbeat by local citizens which expressed Guangzhou’s blessing to the Asian Games.


Without conventional stage structure, it made full use of advantaged geographic position of Haixinsha which is located in the city middle axes and the cross of Pearl River’ east and west. With Pearl River as stage, city as background, the river, bank, city building landmark including West Tower, Grand Theatre, Museum, Guangzhou Tower, etc are included, taking full advantage of five practicalities, namely laser, fountain, boat, sail, and tower and film element, mixing sky, land, water and bridge into a whole scene, sound and light reflecting each other, all created a brand-new stage concept.


Chief light designer Mr. Sha xiaolan and his team prepared classic light effect for this replay. FINEART stage light joined in this classic with excellent performance. In the drizzle and moist environment, it much more proved the extraordinary capabilities of the fixtures. Classic Asian Games remains in the heart of the people, so does classic FINEART.






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