Fine Art fabulously shining in the 26th Universiade 2011 opening ceremony

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On August 12th, 2011, worldwide sights focused on Shenzhen-China. In the beautiful Shenzhen Bay, a grand gala of the 26th FISU opening ceremony was held with an atmosphere of youth and passion. Fine Art dedicated 1,100 units of moving head stage lights for this performance. These fixtures were installed around the stadium of “Spring Cocoon” and burst dazzling lights. It drew delegations from 152 nations and areas to this game.

After the ceremony of athletes entering the sport center is finished, Present Mr.Hu Jin Tao announced the opening of the 26th FISU. Hundreds of Fine1500, 2500 moving head changed colors to match the theme perfectly. Later, fiddle and piano played the music of “story in Spring” to tell the past and future of Shenzhen.  Fine II moving head like a string of pearl interspersed at “ @ “style stage at the centre of gymnasium to make whole stage wonderful and colorful.

On the giant LED screen, a big book roll scrolls downs slowly where a great view composed of books of many layers, colorful gene chains and modals dressed in symbols of knowledge can be easily seen. Girls holding red umbrella dance in this brilliant stage. The winding green path expresses people’s expectation about Green Earth, Biological World. The bicycle performance played by college students shows the youth’s vitality and enthusiasm to the whole world.

 The torch of FISU burns brilliantly in the Shenzhen Bay, lighting up the stadium. And Fine Art’s fixtures will be like the burning torch, showing their brilliance to the people.





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