Fine Art Lights up Fung Wong's Concert in Birds Nest

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On Aug 2nd, Fung Wong’s 2014 Concert in Beijing was held in Bird’s Nest. The 100,000-seat national stadium was completely occupied, refreshing the record among the mainland artists.   Since June, Fung Wong’s touring concert has been held in many cities where Fine Art always the stage lighting supplier that creating an amazing stage with its fixtures FINE 330 BEAM、FINE 2000 WASH、and FINE 1500 SPOT for each station.



The stage was designed by the renowned designer LeRoy who once designed for LadyGaga, Beyonce and many other singers. All the equipments were debugged to match the large stage which was expanded to 10 standard basketball size. Thousands of lighting and special effects videos were set in the lighting controllers, helping to build a rock n roll atmosphere. In 3 hours, Fung Wong sang almost 30 classic songs. Music and the audience’s screams could be even heard a far distance from the bird’s nest. 



After this concert, Fung Wong would go to Hang Zhou city to continue his next concert on Sep 30th






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