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The harmonics measuring system consists of a harmonics analyzer and a programmable power source module. It’s used to assess the adverse influences, e.g. harmonics interference, voltage drop and flickering, upon the public mains when the product is electrically connected to a mains outlet. Thus it helps to verify the product to meet the essential requirements of relevant standards.

Harmonics analyzer

Programmable power source

Harmonics testing software



It’s used to verify the conformity of GB17625.1 and IEC61000-3-2 standards by comparing the measured harmonics contents with the permissible emission limits.

It can also be used to verify the conformity of GB17625.2 and IEC61000-3-3 standards by assessing voltage drop and flickering produced by the tested products when connected to the public mains.

Primary parameters

PACS-1 harmonics analyzer:

Voltage range:0.001~312V RMS

Max. input voltage:1000V RMS

Current range(auto-ranging):4,16,40A RMS

Power range:0.1~12500W

Power factor range:0.000~1.000

Crest factor:20:1

Frequency band:50±0.5Hz

Transient range:0.1~10PST

30001ix programmable power source:

Input voltage range:208~240±10% VAC

Input current:25A RMS Max



Power factor:0.7

Output mode:AC,DC,AC+DC

Output range: AC mode 0~300V, DC mode 0~400V

Output voltage precision:±0.5%


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