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Optics measuring system

The main optic measuring system consists of a spectroradiometer analyzer and an integrating sphere (2M in diameter). This system is capable of measuring spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinate, relevant color temperature, dominant wavelength, peak wavelength, color ratio, color purity, color rendering index, luminous flux, luminous efficacy, radiation flux, etc.

Spectroradiometer analyzer

Φ2M integrating sphere

Primary parameters

HAAS-2000 spectroradiometer:

Wavelength range:380~780nm

Wavelength precision:±0.3nm

Chromaticity precision:±0.0015


Optical precision:±1%

Goniophotometer analyzer system

This measuring system is capable of measuring intensity distribution curve, light intensity, field angle, beam angle, efficacy, iso-illuminance curve, spatial color distribution, etc.

Goniophotometer analyzer system

GO-2000 horizontal Goniophotometer

Primary parameters

GO-2000 horizontal Goniophotometer:

Automatic sweeping range:±180°

Angular precision: 0.05°max.

Illuminance range:0.0001lx~200klx

Fixture span limit: 2000mm max.

Portable spectrometer analyzer

This analyzer is capable of measuring illuminance and chromaticity characteristics, e.g. illuminance, color temperature, chromaticity coordinate, color rendering index, chromaticity, chromatic deviation, tristimulus values, etc.

Portable spectrometer analyzer

Primary parameters

Illuminance grade:

Comply with JIS C1609-1:2006 class AA
Comply with class B according to DIN5032 section 7

Spectral range:360~780nm

Wavelength interval:1nm

Wavelength width:10nm

Wavelength precision:±0.3nm

Measuring range:0.1~100000lx


This luxmeter is capable of measuring illuminance, tristimulus values, chromaticity, chromatic deviation, relevant color temperature.


Primary parameters

Brightness Level: meet JIS C1609-1: 2006 AA level standards;

Measuring range:0.1~99990lx,0.01~9999fcd

Accuracy: Ev (linear): display value ± 2% ± 1 decimal place;xy:±0.002

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