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Aging oven

This aging oven can carry out aging tests for small lights and variety of components. It can also be used to assess the ability of components to withstand high temperatures.

Aging oven

Primary parameters

Power supply:380 VAC,50Hz

Max. consumption:9.5KW

Temperature range:+20°C~500°C

Temperature precision:±0.5°C

Heating rate: from room temperature to 500°C≤90min

Inner size(W×H×D):600×600×600mm

Temperature-humidity test chamber

This temperature-humidity test chamber is used to carry out thermal tests and humidity tests or both at the same time to verify the reliability of the products tested.

Temperature-humidity test chamber

Primary parameters

Chamber volume(W×H×D):1800×2100×1800mm

Temperature range:-40°C~+85°C

Temperature precision:≤±2°C

Temperature deviation:≤0.6°C

Humidity range:20~98%RH

Humidity deviation:≤±3%RH

Max. consumption:30KW

Versatile recorder

This versatile recorder can be used for real-time measurement of exterior/interior temperatures and humidity, as well as electrical parameters, of tested products.

Versatile recorder

Primary parameters

Input channel: 15 channels; voltage, thermal-coupler, thermal resistance and humidity values for each channel can be independently set.

Measuring objects: voltage, thermal-coupler, humidity.

Recording interval:10ms、20ms、50ms

Time-axis precision: 0.2 second/day

Power supply:DC10~28V

Draught-proof enclosure

The draught-proof enclosure can be used to eliminate the influence of flowing air when measuring the thermal rise of the products under normal/abnormal operating conditions.

Draught-proof enclosure

Primary parameters

Comply with the requirements prescribed by GB7000.1-2007 Annex D.

Structure: wooden floor, the remaining sides are made of double metal meshes, the space between meshes is 150mm, the perforation takes up 40% of the overall area of the mesh.

Inner size(W×H×D):2300×2500×2000mm

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