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FINE ART History


25th Apr.
On 25th Apr. 2009, 350 pieces FINE 190DG, FINE 2000 WASH and FINE 2500 SPOT were used in the variety show of Expo Central China 2009.
18th Aug.
The opening ceremony of The 11th Asia Arts Festival was successfully held on 18th Aug. 2009, 180 pieces FINE 2000 series moving head light were used in this international event.
20th Sep.
On 20th Sep. 2009, 300 pieces FINE 1500 series moving head light used in the large musical dance drama “THE ROAD TO REVIVAL”.
6th, Oct.
On 6th, Oct. 2009, 300 pieces FINE 2000 series moving head light were used in the opera “Turandot”, which is directed by international famous director Zhang Yimou.
16th Oct.
On 16th Oct. 2009, the opening ceremony of The 11th National Games of the People's Republic of China was successfully held. 1080 pieces FINE 2000 WASH lighted up this big stage and interpreted three themes of “Culture of Qi and Lu, Everybody’s Games, and Best Wishes To Motherland” to the extreme.
20th Oct.
On 20th Oct. 2009, more than 700 pieces FINE2000 series and FINE2500 series shined the opening ceremony of The 11th Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival.
13th Nov.
On 13th Nov. 2009, more than 600 pieces FINE 1500 series and FINE 2500 series were used in 2009 GuangDong International Tourism Culture Opening Ceremony, together with the theme of the opening ceremony to create a unique "Lingnan invitation", expressed warmly invitation to the people from all over the world.
24th Dec.
On 24th Dec. 2009, 100 pieces FINE 2000 series moving head light shined Tsai Chin’s music concert.
31th Dec.
On 31th Dec. 2009, 200 pieces FINE 2500 series moving head light added luster for the countdown party of CCTV.