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FINE ART History


6th, Dec.
On 6th, Dec. the opening ceremony of 2017 "Fortune" Global Forum was held in Guangzhou, FINE 470 BSW、FINE 1400 WASH-PERF and FINE 1500 PERF were used in this global festival. FINE ART witnessed the international event with high quality lights, and showed the charm of Guangzhou to the world.
8th, Nov.
On 8th, Nov. the American president Trump and his wife visited China. A special Beijing Opera was held to warmly welcome Trump and his wife. FINE ART’s lights appeared in this special opera and witnessed the friendship between China and the United States.
15th, Oct.
On 15th, Oct. 86 pieces FINE 1400 PERF and 120 pieces FINE 2500 WASH were used in the special program “Magnificent voyage”, which was held to celebrate the successfully held of 19th party congress.
18th, Sep.
On 18th, Sep. the 13th National Games was held in Tianjin Olympic Sports Center Stadium. More than 700 pcs FINE 2500 WASH & FINE 1400E PERF were used in this opening ceremony. The whole stadium was very gorgeous under the light of FINE RTA.
4th, Sep.
On 4th, Sep. BRICS 2017 gala was held in Minnan Theater, Xiamen city. FINE 1000 series and FINE 1400 series were used in this important international gala.
19th, Aug.
On 19th, Aug. Taipei 2017 29th Summer Universiade was held in Taiwan. FINE ART is the only one lighting supplier for this international sport event. More than 1000 pcs FINE ART’s lights shined the whole venue.
14th, May.
On 14th, May, "Millennium covenant" gala was held in national theater, in order to welcome the distinguished guests from all over the world. FINE 1400E PERF were used in this important gala.
27th, Jan.
The CCTV Spring Festival Gala, which is the largest scale and most influential gala in China, was held on 27th, Jan. 2017. FINE ART’s lights were used in main venue CCTV and 4 sub-venue (Xichang, Shanghai, Guilin, Harbin). The whole scene was very gorgeous under the light of FINE ART.