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R & D

R&D, a hard working and innovating center, works as a strong backup for Fine Art. Currently, there are over 120 people working in R&D, accounting for 20% of the whole company, among whom 10% are with master’s or doctor’s degree while 50% bachelor’s degree. 

Every year, Fine Art invests 8% of the sales volume in R&D to improve both software and hardware. Regarding software, Fine Art has introduced authorized designing software and PDM (Product Data Management) system which is worth over 5 million RMB. As for hardware, Fine Art has first-class IT equipment, professional designing and developing tools and testing equipment.


Under the great effort of R&D, Fine Art has earned 210 approved knowledge patents, of which 21 invention patents, 45 utility model patents, 75 software copyrights, and 69 design patents. A variety of products have achieved Awards of Guangdong Independent Innovation, and Guangdong High-Tech products; A variety of people have earned Award of Guangzhou Science and Technology Progress; In 2012, R & D center was named Guangzhou municipal enterprise technology center, Guangzhou municipal engineering research and development centers.

R&D plans to build up a provincial technology center, project center and postdoctoral workstation in 3 or 5 years so as to introduce higher level technicians and personnel good at management. With the consistent effort of all R&D staff, Fine Art will offer the best products to clients.