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Exceed. To develop, need to exceed constantly; to exceed, need to innovate constantly; only innovate constantly, can we surpass ourselves, surpass the past; innovate every day, create unlimited.


Value. Our aim is to create value, meet customer’s demand. We not only need to create product value, but also need to create employee value;


Action. Action focus, innovation kept. Every journey begins with a single step, only action can realize value.


Fine Art is not only the enterprise brand, but also the product brand. In order to comply with the demand of Fine Art’s internationalization development strategy, “Fine Art” brand, must be rational, advanced and innovative, leadership styled, contemporary feeling and loyal.


This logo idea is based on the focus of brand concept, which is formed by the abstract positive and negative deformation of “F” (the first letter of English brand “Fine Art”) and “C” (the pinying for company’s Chinese name Chaiyi). The full circle stands for the strength of the sun which concisely and directly expresses enterprises’ property-to be the international stage light experts.


In terms of modeling, it adopts the pen sequence of stage light circle, down-to-up, left-to-right, right-to-left, drawing a flashing light, expressing a kind of challenge towards the current affairs such as the service and products quality, which is also the declaration of dare to innovate.


In terms of color,“ Fine Art Green” uses ecological health green, which is honest, full of hope and life, stands for the steady development of Fine Art. The cycled and skipped color-block is like the circle of sun and moon, standing for the endless life, expressing the people-oriented business philosophy of Fine Art.