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Fine art Laboratory is the first established large professional lighting fixture test institution among the domestic stage light field, which belongs to Fine art’s research and development dept. This laboratory is built according to the demand of ISO/IEC17025 strictly, with the aim to strengthen the research and development base, provide true and reliable data for the prophase development appraisal, performance testing and quality evaluation of new products, in addition, provide continuous inspection for the approved products to ensure the product quality and improve customer satisfaction.

Laboratory has begun to take shape currently, in terms of personnel, there are nearly 20 people composed of the professional testing team, in terms of hardware, our company had accumulated invested more than 5 million RMB and now own a test site with more than 500 square meters which including more and 50 sets of large and top level optical detection equipment, safety testing instrument, EMC testing instrument and environmental reliability testing instrument. This lab owns the ability to independently finish all the national standard round projects testing for light fixtures such as GB 7000.1-2007、GB 7000.217-2008、GB 17625.1-2003 and so on.

This lab has 4 branches as optical, EMC, safety regulation and environmental reliability, the specific testing ability is as follows: