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The best New Year of Taipei, The best light from Fine Art!

2018-05-04 14:42:52 Befrom:   Writer:

 In this year's “2018 Taipei Highest New Year’s Concert”, more than 400 pcs of lighting fixtures were on display at the scene, and Happy New Year together with the audience!

Nick Chou, RAIN, Emma Wu, Della, Tanya Chua, Bii, etc were invited to perform in this New Year’s concert. The beautiful stage effects are set against the brightly lit 101 building. They showed their charisma to mobilize the atmosphere of the scene, and the audience was excited to hold light sticks to interact!
With the advent of the New Year, the Taipei 101 New Year's Eve fireworks display debuted in the countdown. The brilliant fireworks let people take a dizzying view and brought the party to the climax. The FINE 330 BEAM, FINE 470 BSW, FINE 1500 PERF, FINE 1500 WASH and FINE 4000 XF used in this event created a lively scene which made the audience feel glamorous!