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FINE ART Witnessed the Success of “Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival”

2018-05-04 15:09:45 Befrom:   Writer:

 On 23th, Mar. 2018, the famous music event “Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival” was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Many famous singers from all over Asia gathered to perform in this special & important music event. Hundreds of FINE ART fixtures joined this event to shine their outstanding feature, like FINE 850C STROBE, FINE 2500 WASH, FINE XTREME 230, FINE 470 BSW, FINE 1519 PIXIE as well as FINE 156 BATTEN, by which they created colorful stage for all the performers to build the good atmosphere for the audiences. FINE 1519 pixie is the smart bee flying in the site by its kaleidoscope effect, while FINE 850C strobe is the dazzling member shining elsewhere.


Under the theme of "Music in one Asia +", this festival had released kinds of awards. The professional judges voted for the “Asian Supernova Award”, and the live audience or local fans who voting through mobile or internet worked out the award of “Hong Kong Asian Music Festival 2018 Live Popularity Award”. At the same time, “The Most Popular Singer” was also awarded during this festival.
Performing team is composed of famous international artists who are MIC band from mainland of China, Supper Moment from Hong Kong, Lala Hsu from Taiwan, Mika Nakashima from Japan together with BTOB from Korea etc. Their outstanding performance lighted up Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center under the charming light of FINE ART. It was not only a wonderful night belong to the artists and audiences, but also the memorable night for FINE ART. 
FINE ART witnessed the whole success of this music festival.
Where there is a stage, there is FINE ART light! FINE ART is always at the forefront of the stage lighting industry, who witnesses the success of diverse large-scale international events.