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Youth lives in FINE ART!

2018-05-04 15:15:49 Befrom:   Writer:

 Rainie Yang held a concert "Youth lives in" in Hong Kong Coliseum on February 24th – 25th. 

In the concert, all her hit songs were sung. What surprised her fans the most was the public reunion of her past group “4 in Love” after 16 years.
The stage for this concert was specially designed with two suspended floors and four sides. Four sides made it easy for her to interact with fans and two floors made the stage more stereoscopic and gorgeous, subsequently brought elements of popularity literature and art   together. For the scene need, FINE ART specially designed a group of FINE 2500 SPOT with white shell, besides,  FINE 470 BSW, FINE 1519 PIXIE ,  FINE 850C STROBE and FINE 4000XF also presented in the scene, showed the quality of FINE ART  and created a stage full of "charm" .